Honestly ignoring me is the worst thing you can do to me.

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This sucks.

Losing someone who told you countless times that they’d never disappear is the worst possible feeling. I’m not even trying to force the subject or be “best friends” I’m trying to fucking just live my life and have you in it. Cause there was a time not that long ago that you wanted me around just as much, and I was and then one day you woke up and decided you were DONE with your best friend? Nobody in their right mind does that, never mind a person like you. You were there when coger died. When my dad got in the explosion. When I lost everyone except you, and now you’re going to walk out like it is absolutely nothing. Well that’s fucked up. It really is. It’s beyond fucked up of you to take one miesly issue and turn it into something so unbearable.